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Freelance Writing & Editing Services 

Freelance editing and writing takes time and care. Each project is important to me, so I only take one piece of freelance editing or writing work at a time.


I've written and published my own work for over twenty-five years, but I've also got over twenty years of teaching experience in helping emerging writers to strengthen their writing. 

Services include... 


  • Manuscript consultations 

  • Freelance writing and editing 

  • Poetry mentorship sessions

  • One-on-one sessions (via Zoom or phone) 

*Fees TBD based on project size. 


"The Art Gallery of Sudbury/Galerie d’art de Sudbury has had the opportunity to work with Kim Fahner for editing purposes. Her writing style and grammar suggestions have assisted us greatly with our publications, essays, and other documents. She is approachable, quick, extremely cost effective, and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her services for any writing needs." 


~ Nancy Gareh, Art Gallery of Sudbury

"I worked with Kim on my first book, Heartstrings – First Guitars. I was reassured by her calm and steady demeanour, and her many years in the classroom were evident in the way she offered guidance and support. But it was her knowledge of what publishers are seeking from a grammatical and style standpoint, along with her attention to detail, and her keen understanding of what constituted “voice," that led me to know I should have no concern in putting my work in her hands. I’m proud to have such an accomplished writer, professional, and friend, attached to this work. I will use her services again and again and recommend Kim unreservedly. She’s pretty fucking rad."


~Sean Barrette, author, Heartstrings – First Guitars.


"The Sudbury Writers’ Guild is grateful for Kim Fahner’s expertise as a poet, writer, and editor. Kim skillfully selected and edited poetry, non-fiction, and fiction pieces for Painted Voices, an anthology about the General Hospital, and our forthcoming anthology about the Sudbury Superstack. Kim edited each piece thoroughly, providing insightful criticism, and communicated her thoughts to members of the committee for their consideration. Kim is a trusted voice in the literary community."

~Liisa Kovala, President, Sudbury Writers' Guild

"Kim recently edited my poetry manuscript, and I was so impressed by her sensitivity and insights. She returned a marked manuscript, but also spent an hour discussing the project with me in person on Zoom. Her suggestions were incredibly helpful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance on a writing project."

~Kelly Watt, author of Mad Dog (2019) and Camino Meditations (2014)

"Kim Fahner was my poetry mentor through The Writers Union of Canada mentorship program in Winter 2023.

The weekly sessions we had together were a joy. She conducted our sessions in a well-informed way that encouraged me to think and feel about the craft of poetry as both a journey and destination.

Her approach was kind, educational and grounded. The feedback she provided was constructive, insightful and well received.  She inspired me to look at writing as if the stories, poems, and songs are living things surfacing into the spotlight of awareness. She helped guide me there.

Kim is the kind of woman that you call when you want a skillful friend to join you on a poetic adventure. I loved working with her."

~Tanya Snow, Yellowknife

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