Some Other Sky - Kim Fahner
Some Other Sky

From the head frames of mines near the outskirts of Sudbury, to the birds that soar over Pelee Island, Kim Fahner’s poetry is about discovering self, journeying, finding paths and straying from them, and then trying to make meaning out of image and metaphor.  Her voice is clear, quirky, and spirited, but always searching.  In the midst of the poetry, there are birds, trees, shifts of light and weather in sky, feathers, and pebbles gathered on the shores of lakes.  She is drawn to the rhythms of the natural world in a manner that speaks to her Celtic background. 

The Narcoleptic Madonna - Kim Fahner
The Narcoleptic Madonna

This collection, gathering poetry written over the span of twelve years, is diverse but speaks to the idea of journeying and pilgrimage.  Fahner's poetry speaks to the power of the unseen world, whether that world is rooted in nature, or in the interconnected relationships that lend form and substance to a person's life.

Cover These Wings March 12 2019_edited_e
These Wings

"Kim Fahner finds 'art where it's least expected on this morning walk' in this lyric exploration. Whether responding to the landscape of the Great Lakes or an exhibit at the National Gallery, her perceptive, connective eye finds poetry everywhere." -- Alice Major

" is the searing optimism of this poet that I most admire: These Wings is a collection that elevates our humanity at a moment when such feeling is deeply needed. And I, for one, am thankful." -- Susan Rich