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Photo credit: Gerry Kingsley (2021) 

Kim Fahner lives and writes in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. She has published two chapbooks, You Must Imagine the Cold Here (Scrivener, 1997) and Fault Lines and Shatter Cones (Emergency Flash Mob Press, 2023), as well as five full books of poetry, including:  braille on water (Penumbra Press, 2001), The Narcoleptic Madonna (Penumbra Press, 2012), Some Other Sky (Black Moss Press, 2017), These Wings (Pedlar Press, 2019), and Emptying the Ocean (Frontenac House, 2022). 


Kim is the First Vice-Chair of The Writers' Union of Canada (2023-25), a full member of the League of Canadian Poets, and a supporting member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.


She was Poet Laureate for the City of Greater Sudbury from 2016-18.

In March 2021, Kim's poem, "Beekeeping," won first place in the League of Canadian Poets' National Broadsheet Competition. 

She has written poetry book reviews that have been published in Prairie Fire, Arc Poetry Magazine, Herizons, The Fiddlehead, & periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics


Kim is also an editor for Consilience, an online journal that explores the spaces where the sciences and arts meet. 

Poetically, and philosophically, her areas of interest include eco poetry and ekphrastic poetry. 

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