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Kim Fahner

Writer • Editor • Teacher

Emptying the Ocean

Published Autumn 2022 by Frontenac House


Emptying the Ocean is a poetic journey based on the ancient Irish immram tales—the soul voyages taken by a woman who moves mystically through the four elements and the spirited Otherworld. Water, earth, air, and fire are woven through with imagination, inspiration, and spirit.


The voice of the selkie bookends the collection, and the character of the sailor finds himself caught up in her wake. Rooted firmly in Irish myth and lore, with references to strong female figures who shapeshift and move between dimensions, there are Atlantic echoes of both Ireland and Newfoundland at work in these poems. 

Signed copies of Emptying the Ocean are available in Sudbury at:
The Art Gallery of Sudbury (215 John Street)
Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria (815 Lorne Street)
Bay Used Books (124 Elm Street)

Books and Beans (158 Elgin Street)

Chapters (1425 The Kingsway) 


Emptying the Ocean:
A long playlist

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